Pets Love Artificial Turf

Pets Love Artificial Turf

So you are welcoming the new addition of a family pet to your home.  Congratulations on a choice that will give you many years of companionship and unconditional love.  If you have never had a pet before, you will probably be changed forever.  Caring for a pet is something that makes us better people, and gives us a purpose.  Our pets depend on us for everything, and if you are anything like us then you are going to want to provide them not only with everything they need, but everything that is possible to make their lives better.  So with that said it is time to begin thinking about the outdoor areas that your new pet is going to be spending time in.  Chances are that they are going to be left outside to go the the bathroom and to play and run, so you are going to need to prepare a space that is conducive to them doing these things.

First of all, you are going to need to fence in your yard.  Pets will run away or be stolen if there is not a fence around the yard, and if that fence is not strong or tall enough they can escape by digging or jumping over it.  Talk to other pet owners about the types of fencing they use to keep their pets in.  You are also going to need to put down a ground covering that your new pet will enjoy walking on.  That ground covering should be soft and allow the pet to lounge on it for lengthy periods without being uncomfortable.  If your pet cannot find a comfortable and soft area outside, then they are going to not want to be out there.  Make sure that the area is also able to handle the pet going to the bathroom on it without becoming ruined or smelling too bad.  Concrete is not ideal for either purpose, and crushed rock is very hard for pets to walk on.

The ideal ground covering for your pet’s play area is artificial turf.  If professionally installed, the turf will be secure to the ground and will not split and come apart at the seams even if the pet runs on it continually.  It will not smell when the pets urinate on it because underfilling materials will allow for adequate drainage, and additives that neutralize pet odors can be added to the blades in order to reduce urine smell.  These things should provide a perfect surface for your pet, and for you as well.

When you are ready to explore the options of artificial turf for pet areas or even play areas for children, contact us first.  We are the number one artificial turf installation company in Anaheim, and will also do installations in all areas surrounding it.  We make sure that our customers are perfectly happy, and charge nothing for consultations.  We even provide an assurance that if anything ever goes wrong, we will fix it for free.  So what are you waiting for?

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