The Benefits Of Synthetic Turf

In areas like Orange County, we have a climate that can be best described as moderate, due to the fact that we do not generally see the freeing temperatures that they see on the east coast and we also do not get the severely hot temperatures of desert communities like Las Vegas.  Because of our generally consistent weather and ample sunshine, it is fairly easy to grow landscape plants in our communities, and as a result most residents will have some form of plant life in their yards to add to the aesthetic beauty.  These plants need water in order to grow, which means the installation of sprinkler systems to automatically water them unless you plan on spending large portions of your time out in your yard with a hose.  While plants that are used as decoration on order to beautify an area are the personal choice of the homeowner due to little more than being pleasing to the eye, the choice of ground covering is more of a practical one.  You use your yard to walk on and spend time in, and the material that covers the ground is important to decide upon with consideration to use as well as beauty.

For many, this decision comes down to grass or a ground covering like crushed rock or concrete.  When considering the way that you use your yard, the areas that are potentially being covered in crushed rock are not as functional as grass or a hard surface, due to the fact that they are not as pleasant underfoot.  They have the benefit of being maintenance free, not needing watering or mowing, and needing little as far as ongoing care.  People will usually decide between rock and grass depending on if they plan on doing a lot of walking in that area or not.  This is what makes synthetic grass such a benefit to homeowners, as it can be placed in traffic areas in order to provide a pleasant and soft covering underfoot, while still maintaining the maintenance free aspects that crushed rock has.  Because synthetic turf is not a growing plant, there is no need to water it in order to keep it green and beautiful, and you will not have to spend your weekends mowing or caring for it.  You will also not have to pay landscapers to come every month and trim the grass.

The benefits of artificial turf far outweigh any negative aspects.  Yes, artificial turf gets slightly hotter than regular grass if it has been sitting in the summer sun all day, but this is hardly enough for you to even notice a difference outside of severely hot communities.  Our weather rarely gets so hot that you will notice that the grass is artificial, and for the most part you will never even think about it.  The savings that you will see over time on water and care will pay for the installation in no time, and you will see many years of perfect grass after the install is complete.  Are you ready to consider synthetic turf? Give us a call.

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