Landscape lighting in Orange County

Landscape lighting in Orange County

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Landscape lighting is one of the best installations to improve your home values, if you are planning on selling or not. At a time when real estate is at an all time high as far as pricing and sales, we find that many people who had not been considering selling before are looking at ways to improve their property values for small investments. Doing things that do not cost an extreme amount of investment money which also significantly improve the value of your home can change a house from a simple residence into a massive windfall as long as you do not spend too much on the upgrades that get you there. Installing something like a new kitchen will potentially cost upwards of 50 thousand dollars and yet may only return half of that amount in extra costs that you can charge when you sell the house. A new bathroom may cost 20 thousand dollars and may go un-noticed by new potential buyers. You must choose wisely when you are allocating budget to making sure that the return outweighs the investment.


Landscape lighting is one of the bet investments into your home that you can make. The installation costs and equipment used in the process are relatively inexpensive when compared to the wow factor that is achieved by the improvement to the visual landscape at night. Your home goes from being a part of the background to standing out against all the other homes in the region, because landscape lighting can call out the best features. It has the ability to accentuate the most dramatic elements of your house or yard, while also improving the safety of your house by illuminating areas where people may walk. The ability to light up walking paths as well as the dramatic features is a combination of improvements that make the installation of landscape lighting so powerful.


So how is landscape lighting installed, especially in an area like Orange County? First the pathways of the low voltage wire are planned out and trenches are dug in order to eventually bury the line. After that, the appropriate amount of fixtures are added to each run of wire so as not to overload it and cause the lights to dim. If there are too many fixtures added to the run of line, the ones farther away will appear dimmer than the ones closer to the power source. This is why it is critical to understand how much electricity is able to be pushed through a line before it becomes degraded over distances from the power source. One this is all planned out and the fixtures are installed, the lines are buried into the trenches and the landscape is cleaned up. This then provides the dramatic elements of visuals each night at a specific time that is chosen by the home owner. If the potential buyers look at the property after dark, it is almost assured at creating more curb appeal.

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