Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful

In southern California we love our landscaping. This is because we can grow nearly any kind of plant here from the most hearty cactus to the most delicate tropical flower. This is not accomplished using natural methods but instead plays on the fact that the weather is essentially perfect all year long. There are no real hot or cold seasons, and instead the temperature remains moderate all year, which allows for plants that would otherwise die in extreme temperatures to thrive. What they lack is natural water, and modern irrigation and sprinkler systems can provide this to them. We have grown very used to and dependent upon these systems, and have begun to believe that our area naturally looks this way. Nothing is further from the truth, and when drought conditions hit we are reminded of the way that our area would look without the artificial water supplies. Just about everything quickly turns brown and begins to die if the water is shut off, and unfortunately this situation is happening more and more often.

In the past, southern California had periods of drought from time to time, but without any real regularity. Today, drought conditions are more of the norm than the exception, and year after year we are forced to watch while our landscaping plants die off. The drought conditions trigger mandatory water restrictions which mean that you cannot legally water your lawn enough to keep it green and alive. This is difficult for many home owners to swallow because they can afford to pay for the water they use, but it is required because we must as a community protect the life and well being of all who depend on the public water supply for survival. Basically, there is not enough to assure that everyone will have enough to drink, which means that even if you can afford it you must not use it. It is necessary to sacrifice for the common good.

Your landscaping is decorative, and water for people to drink is more important than it is. This means that you should probably take any funds that would be used to replace the dead grass and plants, and instead put that money into installations of artificial turf or xeriscaping that does not rely on water to look good. Artificial turf will actually look exactly like real grass without the need for any watering at all, and in may cases will actually look better. You will also see dramatic savings by removing your existing grass, due to the fact that watering it needs up to 55 gallons of water per year for every square foot. These bills add up quickly, and when put towards the installation of fake grass you will see that in just a few years it will pay for itself. Isn’t it time to take the step towards saving water for the community, as well as saving money for yourself? Install artificial grass into your yard today by calling Coastal Greenscapes in Orange County.

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