Synthetic Turf Solutions

Synthetic Turf Solutions

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This year’s past drought in Southern California has left many people wondering if it is time to finally make the switch to synthetic turf instead of real grass. As drought conditions grow worse and worse and more frequent, we find that people are beginning to become fed up with having to voluntarily watch their lawns die during the hot summer and then allocate the time and the funds into redoing that exact same lawn over the winter. In many instances people have reluctantly done this process only to watch the lawn die again due to the fact that drought conditions return the following summer. Few people are going to replace their lawn every year or every few years without beginning to doubt if the grass itself is a good solution as a ground covering in our area. In any other circumstance you would not even be thinking about this choice, but when repeated drought conditions have created a situation that you are repairing your landscaping only to watch it die again the following year, with no assurances that the drought conditions will not return within a short period of time. It isn’t whether people can afford to restore their lawn after it is forced to die off through a lack of watering, and instead it is the fact that people must spend large amounts of money on something that they are being forced to voluntarily destroy after only a short period of time. People are finally beginning to rethink grass as a solution for covering their ground.

One of the main reasons for people beginning to reconsider the validity of grass as a legitimate landscaping solution is that there are new options available to them that were not available in the past. The primary solution that is now being considered is artificial turf, which has evolved from a very fake looking carpet of green plastic into something that is so closely resembling real grass that in many cases the only way to tell that it is artificial turf is that it looks too perfect. For most people who are mulling over these kinds of considerations, too perfect is actually a very good thing. This would mean that you have installed it perfect solution that looks so good that the only way that people can understand that it is not real grass is that it looks so much better than real grass. The days where people took glory in working on their lawn continually in order to create a situation where it looked better than the neighbors have long since passed, and people now value their time far more. Very few people want to spend their weekends mowing and caring for their lawn, and instead would rather spend their weekends enjoying their yard space with their friends and family. Artificial turf allows this to happen due to the fact that once it is installed it does not need any care and maintenance, so you will not be forced to mow a growing plant in order to keep it looking good. Instead, it will simply remain in the exact same state as the day you put it in for as long as you leave it there. In addition to this benefit, it does not need any watering of any kind in order to continue to look this exact same way. It will remain green and lush looking even though drought conditions are killing off every other plant in the area and making your neighbors lawns look like hay fields. So perhaps it is time for us all to consider if real grass was a good solution, or if synthetic turf is a far better way to landscape your lawn.

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