Winter Is Perfect For Replacing Your Grass

Any resident of Anaheim or Orange County understands that even though our seasons do not change the temperatures all that much, we do still have seasons.  The spring and summer times are far more conducive to planting and growing plants than the winter time, and even though it doesn’t get bitter cold the way it does in other areas of the country, our plants do go to a more dormant state in the winter time.  This summer was very hard on our landscaping in Anaheim, as the ongoing drought made it difficult for residents to provide enough water to keep our grass and plants healthy in the summer heat.  Of course it is more important to assure residents that there will be enough drinking water, but it is still a bitter pill to swallow watching your investment in landscaping suffer and possibly die due to a lack of available water in the heat.  Now we have obviously made it through the summer, and if your lawn died off or not we must consider the plans for next year and the years going forward.  Nobody thinks about their lawn needing to be replaced every few years when they pay for it to be installed, but unfortunately this is something that we are going to have to consider going forward.

The question we are all going to have to ask ourselves in the upcoming months is if we are going to put money into getting our living grass back in shape and healthy, or if we are going to rel=place it with something else like artificial turf.  Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that we are not going to face another drought situation next summer, and we are going to have to watch as our new grass dies off due to a lack of water.  Nobody wants to spend money on something that is only going to last a few months, and without the ability to assure ourselves that the grass is not going to be killed off by the water regulations it is probably a good idea to not invest much into it.  This is going to leave you with two choices, either look out on a dead and brown lawn or replace it with artificial turf.  By putting the synthetic product in place of your existing grass, you assure yourself that you will have a green lawn no matter what the situation is next year, or the years to follow.

The process of replacing your existing grass with artificial turf is actually pretty simple.  The contractors will come out to your property and provide you with an estimate for the work.  When you decide to move forward, they will remove your existing grass and any plants that would interfere with the installation.  They will then prepare the ground and install a weed barrier and a compacted material that will provide cushioning and drainage.  Over this they will roll out and join the seams of the artificial turf, then stake it to the ground and edge it appropriately.  This will provide you with years of maintenance free grass without any water at all.

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