Why Replace Your Real Grass?

We are sure you have seen your neighbors replacing their grass with artificial turf. You have probably noticed that once it is professionally installed that it looks just like real grass, and in a lot of cases it looks even better. When people say that they can tell the difference between real grass and fake grass, they are usually looking for it to look “too perfect.” Usually it is because during drought times like the ones we have been experiencing over the last few years, everyone’s lawns look dry and dead, while the people who have artificial turf still look great. We have always thought that if looking great is somehow bad, then we would like to be bad. Thats why we went into the business of installing artificial turf in Orange County. We wanted to help people improve their property while also helping to conserve water, and now that we are in a drought that becomes even more important.

To be honest, our original intention when we started doing artificial turf installation was to give people a way to have a beautiful and perfectly manicured lawn without the constant maintenance that is required to keep grass looking good. Not everyone has the time or the money to pay someone to care for their lawn, and if you don’t constantly provide it with attention it starts to look terrible. The people out there with the thick and lush green grass are paying a ton for it, and we wanted to make that look available to everyone. Fake grass is the answer, and since the technology behind it has become so accurate that the fake grass now looks exactly like real grass, we knew that our products could help people to achieve their desired look for their homes without being a slave to the grass. As a home improvement, artificial turf is one of the best things you can do. After doing this for many years, the drought started and people with real grass started to call us. During drought times, even if you want green grass you can’t have it because the water that is necessary to keep it green is rationed. Even if you can afford to feed it to your lawn, you are not allowed to do it. Once again, fake grass is the answer. Artificial turf uses no water at all.

Conserving water is something we have always been interested in, simply because we know how much water that a lawn in southern California needs in order to stay alive. A typical square foot of grass needs 55 gallons of water to stay green in our area, and all of that water could be used for drinking. As soon as the water starts needing to be rationed, we see how the artificial turf that we supply can benefit the community as well. Installing fake grass will save you time and money. Installing fake grass will also help our community and conserve water. When youa re ready to make the best investment you have ever made, call us.

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