Why Artificial Grass Is So Good For Orange County

Why Artificial Grass Is So Good For Orange County

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Orange County has been known for many years for having lush landscaping, but many people realize that this entire look is manufactured.  Lush and thick green grass do not grow naturally in Orange County, as there simply is not enough rain fall to sustain that growth of grass, ultimately looking that way.  If you would like to know more about what the natural look of grass in Southern California appears like, simply drive out beyond the city limits to look at the grass in the desert.  While you will certainly find green plants, you will not find in thick and lush green carpet of grass the way we have surrounding our homes in this region.  This is because we have enough sunlight to grow almost any type of plant, but do not have enough natural water to do the same.  In order to create the look of the grass landscape, we need to utilize artificial water supplies which draw upon our drinking water to do so.  This means that every gallon of water that is spent to grow landscaping plants could be spent for our population to drink.  While this is normally not all that much of an issue, during the times when drought conditions reduce the amount of water in our reservoirs, we suddenly face the problem of potentially not having enough water for our population to survive.  While this may seem like an extreme case, this is the reasoning behind the watering restrictions that will turn our green grass lawns into dry and brown dead plants every few years.  Drought conditions used to come about every decade or so, but we find that we are entering into drought situations about every other year lately, with no signs of this pattern stopping anytime soon.  What this means is that even if you can afford it, you cannot legally keep your lawn looking good during a drought situation.  While many people will simply wait for the drought and in order to restore their lawn, many people are realizing that this continual waste of money does not have to be the case.  They are considering artificial grass.

Artificial grass in Orange County is a solution to this ongoing problem.  By allocating the funds that would be spent restoring your grass lawn after a drought situation towards the installation of a synthetic grass product, you have invested into the future of your home and its value.  This is because artificial turf does not need maintenance for upkeep of any kind, and most importantly does not need an artificial water supply in order to maintain its look.  This creates a situation where you not only maintain the good books of your house even Dorinda drought conditions, but also will no longer need to spend time or money on the upkeep of that landscaping.  Smart home owners are making the switch to artificial grass in record numbers, have you made the switch yet?

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