What Is The Cost Of Artificial Turf?

What Is The Cost Of Artificial Turf?

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Artificial grass has two costs associated with it, the product itself and the installation labor cost. While the product cost is going to vary depending on the manufacturer and the actual specifications of the product itself, the labor charges are generally consistent within different areas of the country. From a professional installation company, you can usually assume that you will be paying between 5 and 20 dollars per square foot for the product and installation to be completed. The charge is going to depend on several factors involving your specific area and the amount of work that will be needed in order to create a good installation region, the products themselves and the type of underfill material that will be used. There are specific aspects of each of these to consider, all of which will impact the price you are quoted.

The biggest consideration with regards to the price your installation of artificial turf will cost is the preparation work. The ideal installation is going to remove all plants and grass that already exist, as well as to smooth and shape the ground into an even and consistent plain. Your area will probably have material removed down to about three inches lower than the final height of the artificial grass, as it is important to contain the product into regions that will not spread out over time. It is also important to remember that there will be cushioning installed under the turf itself, which will provide that spongy effect that mimics real grass when it is being walked upon. Without an adequate underfill material, it will feel like walking on a carpet placed on top of a hard floor, and the region will not have the same look and feel as real grass. The underfilling material is important to consider with regards to both cost as well as how luxurious the grass feels, as a thicker pad or compacted underfill material will naturally cost more to buy as a product. These will be installed and compacted along with a weed barrier before the actual artificial turf is rolled out and staked to the ground. This staking will be exhaustive, with a nail or stake being placed every few inches across the entire span. This is necessary in order to prevent future slippage and bagging, and cheaper “non-professional” installations are guilty of going cheap on these aspects in order to cut costs. The turf will look great at first but age quickly over time, becoming loose looking and splitting at the seams. These extra steps are the difference between an artificial turf installation that lasts upwards of 20 years without any care or maintenance, and an installation that needs to be replaced after only a few years. Artificial turf is an investment that can improve the look of your home dramatically, so there is no reason to attempt to cut corners on your installation job and potentially shorten the life span of the product.

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