What Is Landscape Lighting

What Is Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting is a combination of low voltage power lines that are concealed by burying them and fixtures which draw on that power. The landscape lighting itself works in a chain, so it must be planned out as far as a flow pattern in order to get it to work correctly. This means that the power starts at an electrical box that is designed to provide a specific load to the connected wires. These wires are then buried in lines throughout the yard or walkways, so as to allow a continual flow of electricity in one direction. After the wire is installed, the fixtures are then added to the line one by one, allowing for each of them to be provided with enough electricity to illuminate them fully. One of the specifics of landscape lighting that must be recognized is that a line can only be so long, and there can only be so many fixtures attached to it. The reason for this is that the line itself can only provide electricity to a specific limit, and that electricity must flow along the line. The distance that the line covers dictates how much electricity will be left towards the end of the run, as electrical current diminishes as it moves further away from the power source. In addition to this diminishment, each fixture that is attached to the line will utilize enough electricity to keep it illuminated, leaving less for the next fixture in line. This is why poorly installed landscape lighting will have some fixtures that are not as bright as others. This is due to there not being enough electricity left by the time that it reaches that fixture to fully illuminate it. In order to utilize landscape lighting in a way that provides beauty and drama to your landscape as well as safety to your walking paths, make sure that you use a licensed landscape lighting installation contractor.


Beauty is the primary reason for installing landscape lighting, as it has the ability to illuminate and create shadows after dark on your property. This provides a dramatic effect that is difficult to achieve any other way besides low voltage landscape lighting. The fixtures must be made of materials that can withstand the elements for many years without disintegrating or rusting away, while also providing the lighting that is desired. When installed along pathways, the lighting creates a dramatic effect that also adds to safety as people can better see the surface they are walking on. This creates both beauty and safety in the same installation.


Installing landscape lighting is considered a massive upgrade to any property, and will almost always increase the resale value. While there is a cost associated with the installation, the primary cost for landscape lighting comes in the form of quality fixtures that can withstand the elements for many years. If you are interested in landscape lighting for your home, contact us through our website to arrange a consultation.

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