Water Smart Landscaping In Winter

Even though we do not have the dramatic seasonal changes like are seen in other places in the country, and even though it is warm and pleasant outside in Anaheim right now, it is the time to start tackling those winter projects.  Winter for us is more of a mindset than a terrible drop in temperatures, and in southern California the change of ten degrees on average can put a lot of us into a winter hibernation mode, where we just settle in until next spring and do nothing.  This is probably a lot more to do with the holidays and the craziness that surrounds them than the weather, and we are just tired of being out there trying to knock things off lists.  But the seasonality that this creates actually represents the perfect time to tackle some of those projects, like getting our landscaping back in order after last year’s drought did so much damage.  When you look around and see the brown and dead patches of grass that the inability to water last year created, you realize that spring is only a few months away and when it comes around a lot of people are going to start thinking about getting their lawns repaired or replaced.  It is far better to avoid the backups that this causes, and just take care of it all now.

Next year is not able to be predicted if there is going to be a drought of not.  We also can’t predict how severe any water shortage might be, so we are faced with having to make some tough decisions.  If your lawn was damaged or completely destroyed by the inability to water during the summer last year, do you put money back into it to restore it when the same thing might happen again this year? Should you wait and see how the outlook looks as we get closer to the summer, ignoring the fact that our lawns look terrible until then? Do we just hope that we get enough rain this year and the money we put into the new lawn isn’t wasted? Or do we just install artificial turf once and for all and make a decision that will not be effected by a drought?

Artificial turf is synthetic, which means that it is a plastic product that will not be effected by drought because it needs no water to look good.  It also needs no mowing, landscaping or care of any kind.  The only thing you are going to need to do is perhaps blow it off every now and then to remove any debris that settles on it.  This is not only going to save you time and money, but it will also conserve water even when it is not necessary.  Your lawn will look great no matter how much rain happens, and when others are putting good money after bad by rehabilitating their lawns when the next drought might just kill it, you can be sitting on your artificial turf having a glass of lemonade and enjoying the fact that you made a wise decision.

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