Why Use Artificial Grass In Orange County

Most residents of southern California understand that the area is in a historic drought, and has been under restrictions as far as water usage for quite some time now.  Many of our crops and flowers which typically thrive are doing quite poorly over the past few years, and yields have been lower than normal.  There are numerous restrictions that state and local municipalities have put in place in order to conserve the reserves of water we currently have, including restrictions on washing your car as well as watering your lawn.  While many residents might see this as only a “drop in the bucket” (pardon the pun) with regards to conserving water, the restrictions are in place so that the combined efforts of each citizen to not waste water result in a slower depletion of what we have on hand.  We each need to do our part in order to conserve, and believe it or not there are benefits to conserving beyond just feeling good about being a good citizen.  There are actually rebates and money-saving benefits to conservation, over and above the simple “don’t water on these particular days.”

Installing artificial grass in your Orange County home or business will eventually pay for itself.  Think about it like this, removing the grass in your yard and installing fake grass might cost you a small amount of money right now, but that money will be repaid to you in several ways, eventually saving you far more than the expenses you paid to have it installed.  The easiest way to see savings is by looking at your monthly water bill and yard maintenance costs.  Both of those bills will go down significantly if you take out your living lawn and install fake grass.  Synthetic turf doesn’t grow, and as a result should not need the ongoing mowing and care that you previously paid for.  The water that your lawn needs in order to stay alive in our summers in southern california heat is significant, and once you turn off the sprinklers you will see those bills drop.  You will also not need to do the ongoing care and maintenance of your synthetic lawn that you did yourself with your live lawn, you can literally just enjoy your space all the time without worrying about it.  You will have to put a value on that yourself, but most people see the value there.

Southern California is still under a drought, and even though last year the restrictions in Anaheim and neighboring areas were loosened due to a slight improvement (which you can read about here: http://www.anaheim.net/656/Water-Services) the conservation effort remains in place due to the unpredictable nature of our weather.  Just because it is a little better now doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to see those severe drought conditions again, and if that happens you will be forced to watch your lawn turn brown and potentially die.  Installing fake grass will improve your home’s value no matter if there are watering restrictions or now, and isn’t going to be affected by water shortages.

Do your part to conserve water by installing synthetic grass, and even think about xeriscaping options where you do not need any water at all.  We can create a beautiful space that is good for our environment and saves your money at the same time.  Give us a call today.

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