The Benefits of synthetic grass

There are distinctive benefits to synthetic grass cannot be matched by any other form of ground covering.  As an introduction, artificial turf is gaining in popularity do the fact that it is a perfect ground covering for situations that are difficult to maintain natural grass as well as situations where you simply want to beautify your environment.  Synthetic turf as a product is marketed as a way to save time and money due to the fact that you do not have to maintain it or water it, but it is also able to provide the perfect round covering for specific applications like dog runs and play areas.  Athletic fields have also been notoriously difficult to maintain as far as natural grass due to the ongoing wear and tear of being played on.  These types of spaces are perfect for artificial turf installation due to their ability to withstand almost any amount of abuse without being compromised.  When you factor in the water saving aspects of artificial turf, it becomes a win win for everyone.

In areas that are drought stricken or have issues with too little water and too much sunshine, you’re going to find that the difficulties associated with growing a real lawn are not worth it to most people.  These people tend to be younger at this stage due to the fact that the younger generation has not been raised to believe that maintaining a yard is the benefit unto itself.  They would much rather simply enjoy themselves in their yard space than working on it on the weekends, and for these types of homes artificial turf is viewed as an improvement.  For people who are looking for low maintenance homes, a yard that is blanketed with a synthetic grass product will state lush and green looking all year long, allowing them to enjoy it and all seasons as opposed to continually maintaining it.  The synthetic products today so closely resemble real grass that is difficult to tell the difference.  In many cases, people will say that they can tell that the grass is artificial due to its looking too perfect, which ultimately seems like a benefit instead of a negative aspect.  Very few people are going to argue that looking too good is a negative thing.

One of the other aspects of synthetic turf that is becoming more popular over the course of the last few years is the expansion of typically underserved areas, giving you the ability to use this crown covering to create a previously unusable space into something that is enjoyable for all.  The most obvious example is rooftops in cities that were previously forgotten.  Today they are marketed as an additional gathering space where people from the building can get together enjoy each other due to the fact that they have been reformed into a pleasant area through the simple installation of a ground covering and some other aspects that are closely associated.  Artificial turf is the way to go.

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Coastal Greenscapes is a full service landscaping company that is environmentally conscious and believe in long term, sustainable solutions for Orange County and Anaheim. They install landscaping locally for Southern California, and also are a supplier of synthetic or artificial turf products nationwide.

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