The Benefits Of Artificial Turf installation

The installation of synthetic turf (also known as fake grass) can not only improve the value of your home by making it more visually appealing while also reducing the amount of necessary maintenance. The most obvious place that work is saved is in the lack of mowing necessary because it is not growing, living grass. You will quickly realize that there the absolutely no maintenance necessary in order to keep it looking great, save the occasional hosing off with water to remove any dirt or debris.  You will not have to fertilize or protect it in any way, and it will remain the same spongy and soft, lush and green ground cover that is perfect for pets and children, lounging and even specialized uses like putting greens. Artificial turf is the yard of the future, and is becoming more popular in areas that have water shortages like Southern California.

When we install your artificial turf, we will take a few steps to prepare the area and make it the best installation that it can be.  The first thing we are going to do is to remove all of your existing grass and any living plants that are located within the area we are going to cover.  This will not only give us a fresh area that we can sculpt into the appropriate shape you desire, but it will also prevent the plants from growing in a way that will eventually compromise the artificial turf.  Roots can have an adverse effect on the level of the landscape, and can also begin to raise up the turf over time.  We will shape the area into the desired shape, providing any slopes or hills that are desired.  We will then compact the earth and install a weed barrier that will prevent the future growth of weeds under the turf that could raise it up over time, or split the seams.  A filler material is installed to various depths depending on the feel you want, and this material is compacted and sculpted as well.  At this point the turf itself is now rolled out and the seams are joined.  It is staked to the ground securely, the edges are finished and staked, and then it is raked and “fluffed” with materials that give the blades a more vertical stance.  The entire application is hosed down to settle any dust, and you will have a perfect and clean artificial grass area that is secure and can be walked upon without loosening or bagging.

Artificial grass will potentially be eligible for rebates through the counties due to their involvement in water conservation programs and water saving movements.  The value comes not only from being functional and beautiful, but also because fake grass actually saves you money over time that would have been allocated to landscaping and watering.  Your artificial grass will eventually pay for itself!

If you are interested in learning more about our artificial turf installations, or any of our water smart landscaping options, contact us immediately.

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