The Artificial Turf Installation Process

There are a number of different elements involved in the effective installation of artificial turf that will wear well over time.  Do it yourselfers are constantly considering whether or not they could install artificial turf on their own in order to save the installation fees.  While it is certainly possible for anyone to do this by themselves, is not necessarily the best idea, and most to have tried it will tell you to leave this process to the experts.  This is because the installation process for artificial turf is actually very labor intensive, and not quite as simple as you would expect.  It is not like laying carpet where he simply roll out the products and then secure it to the ground.  We must understand is that artificial turf must withstand many things that typical carpeting do not have as an issue.  There will be people and children continually moving across the surface while wearing shoes, as well as the ongoing wear and tear that the national weather patterns will provide.  Continual exposure to hot sun light as well as rain has a tendency to stretch the backing material of cheaper products, creating a bagging effect that can ultimately become quite dangerous if it is not secured properly.  The ability for artificial turf does slip under foot not only creates a look that is not good but also presents a slip and fall danger to both yourself and guests at your home.  This is especially worthy to be noted because this will generally be the area children will play and as well as guests will gather.  The soft ground covering being used in areas of high traffic is one of the main reasons that the installation process must be taken seriously.  Exposing yourself to a lawsuit as a result of a guest trip and were slipping on use of artificial turf is not something that anyone wants to deal with.

The installation process of artificial turf starts with the preparation of the ground.  The workers will clear any existing plants and debris from their region as well as smoothed the net and shaping it in the methods that are desired.  A weed barrier will be placed across the entire area so as not to allow for any growth of unwanted plants under the artificial turf itself.  A compacted rubber material will be spread out and then sheet and compacted, then the artificial turf itself will be rolled out over it.  The turf utilizes plastic blades of grass that are adhered to a backing material which is water permeable.  This will make it so that rain or pet urine will not pool on that tour itself and this for the look.  The turf edges are secured with an adhesive material, and the blades of grass or combed with rakes in order to not allow for any directional visual problems.  The edges are finished and the entire area is securely staked to the ground using a specific pattern that will prevent slippage.  He would like more information about artificial turf installation in your home contact us directly.

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