Synthetic Turf Orange County

Orange County has always been known for it’s green and lush lawns, fruit trees and landscaping plants that make homeowner’s yards look like oasises.  The one problem with this is that although the weather is nearly perfect all year and there is ample sunshine to grow these types of plants, generally they will not be able to grow naturally due to a lack of enough rainfall to keep them healthy.  This means that there needs to be irrigations systems set up and maintained in order to assure enough water is provided to the plants, and when droughts happen there is just not enough water available to keep this up.  A typical square foot of lawn in Orange County will consume more than 55 gallons of water in a year if it is to remain green, and those 55 gallons of water are more important to conserve for people to drink if there is not enough water in the reservoirs to ensure it.  In cases like this, watering restrictions are necessary to put in place for the good of public safety, but for homeowners it means that the green look that you have become accustomed to seeing may go away.  The hot summers in Orange County will quickly turn your lawn brown and possibly even cause it to die, so what are you to do in order to keep that look? The answer is to install synthetic grass.

Artificial turf makes sense for Orange County, because it gives you the ability to keep that lush look in your front and back yard without using the water that is necessary to keep living plants alive.  Synthetic turf is plastic, and is adhered to a permeable backing that is staked to the ground after it is prepared.  While it is a synthetic product, it looks and feels so natural that you will be hard pressed to tell that it is not a perfectly manicured lawn, the only real difference being that the sprinklers will never have to go off to keep it from turning brown.  As a matter of fact, synthetic turf never turns brown or even discolors at all, keeping the same green look as the day you have it installed even after years.  The benefits are plentiful, not having to mow your lawn ever again or even pay anyone to do it for you.  The savings that you will see every month on your water bills, and of course there is the fact that you are being a good citizen and conserving water in order to protect the public good.  Sometimes, circumstances change and you must make changes in order to adapt to them.  The lack of rainfall is showing no signs of alleviating any time soon, so we can expect more years of drought conditions to continue.  If you want to keep that green lawn look, you are going to have to adapt to make it happen, and synthetic turf is the way to do it.  Contact us today to get a free quote.

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