Synthetic Turf Is Better

Synthetic Turf Is Better

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Many people in Anaheim are coming to the realization that grass is not good for there lifestyle or their wallet. Gone are the days when you looked for a home based upon that lush green grass outside, and you envisioned yourself lounging on it having a cocktail and enjoying time with your friends. The realization that there are issues with this kind of ground covering have become more prevalent, and people who are purchasing homes in today’s market are now considering grass to be a liability. People realize that the days of lounging in your backyard on your lush green grass are numbered due to the fact that you are going to spend a significant portion of your time caring for that grass in order to keep it looking good, or you are going to have to work extra hours to pay for people to care for it for you. Ultimately, a younger generation of people who are now entering the home buying market are looking at that grass as something that they do not want to take care of and instead they would like some form of ground covering that does not force them to be a slave to it just to enjoy that occasional cocktail with friends. This is why the rise in interest in synthetic turf has become so powerful. A younger generation of people he’s looking for ways to reduce the amount of work that they need to do and extend the amounts of time that is available for enjoying their lives. Very few of these people are considering mowing the lawn as being enjoyable, and the old days that stipulated that you needed to care for your home in order to show pride are also going by the wayside. Today’s buyers are looking for modern solutions that give them the best of both worlds, and they don’t care about the old school solutions that their parents had for keeping their homes looking good. In a nutshell, Grass is a thing of the past and modern ground covering solutions are the way to improve your home’s value.


Synthetic turf is an artificial product that consists of plastic that is shaped into the form of grass blades and colored as a rich green which mimics the color of real grass . It is adhered to a packing material that is able to be installed over a compacted ground in order to completely mimic the look and feel of a lush green grass lawn. The benefits to artificial turf are that it needs no water and also needs no care and maintenance which is ultimately beneficial to the considerations of a generation that wants to enjoy their lawn instead of working on it as well as being environmentally conscious. Water conservation within Southern California is a necessity within drought periods, and unfortunately drought conditions are happening with more regularity. We used to see drought conditions happen only every 10 years or so and now we’re seeing them every 2 years roughly. This means that the money that you would spend restoring your lawn after a drought has happened only gives you about a year of enjoying it before you are forced to do the entire process again. Young homeowners are looking at this as something that they are not interested in doing, which is why the current trend of improving your home through the installation of synthetic turf is happening. For more information about how artificial turf can bring up your home values in Southern California, contact us today.

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