Why Is Synthetic Grass Right For Orange County?

Synthetic grass is a manufactured product that uses green colored plastic pellets to form blades of grass.  The way it works is pretty simple, the plastic pellets are melted down and mixed with the green color of choice in order to perfectly match healthy grass of a specific strain.  This plastic is then pushed through slots that are carved into metal plates, forming the shape of a blade of grass which has been perfectly manicured.  These blades of grass are then attached to a backing material which is made of permeable materials, and rolled into large pieces that will be able to be installed much the same way that carpet is installed.  The area is prepared by removing any existing plants and then installing a weed barrier to prevent growth underneath.  A compacted material is spread around over the area so as to provide a spongy underfill, which will aid in making the synthetic grass feel more natural to walk on as well as assist with drainage.  Over the top of all of this the synthetic turf is rolled out and staked down, the edges are finished off and then the turf is fluffed up and raked to prevent it from appearing as though it has a pattern.  When installed correctly, synthetic turf looks and feels almost exactly like real growing grass.

So why would an area like Orange County which is well known for being perfect weather for growing plants be considered as perfect for artificial turf? The answer is pretty obvious to anyone who has been here in the summer over the course of the last five years.  The summers are getting progressively hotter, and there is less and less rainfall happening to fill our water reserves.  Every year we see the inevitable watering restrictions happen in order to conserve water, which must be prioritized for people and animals over plants.  We are allowed to water our landscaping so infrequently that it dries up and dies in the hot summer sun, making our property look terrible even though we can easily afford to water it.  This situation makes artificial turf make a lot of sense, where you are not allowed to water enough but still want the lush look of a lawn.  When accented with desert landscaping elements, it can look really beautiful.

This last summer was really hard on our landscaping, and most people took some amount of damage to their lawns that is either going to need to be repaired or completely re-installed.  This is going to cost money, and that money might very well be completely wasted if the drought continues and we are not allowed to water enough this summer as well.  It is a bitter pill to swallow if you put money into your lawn and then are not allowed to feed it enough to keep it alive.  So for the time being, and for the foreseeable future, artificial turf and synthetic grass makes a lot of sense in Orange County.  You can get that green grass you want, and there is no watering restrictions that can stop you.

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