Synthetic Grass Is The Perfect Pet Run Surface

Synthetic Grass Is The Perfect Pet Run Surface

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Are you thinking about getting a pet run installed into an area in your yard?  If you have a new puppy or even older dog could use to be outside a little bit, a pet run is an ideal way to give them the freedom to be off of a leash while also being confined enough to not be able to escape and get hurt.  It is the same idea of a play area for children in the yard, where you want them to be safe while at the same time getting enough freedom to enjoy themselves unsupervised.  The aspects of a pet run that are the most important are the ability to secure the area to prevent your pet from getting out and also the ground covering that will make it comfortable.  Many people do not realize that a pet that is left alone in an area will generally not run around and play very much on their own.  Instead, they will lay in different areas sunning themselves while they wait for you to return.  This means that you must make the ground covering soft enough that they will be able to be comfortable laying in different places throughout the run, and at the same time this ground covering must be securely staked to the ground so as to provide no ability for the pet to lift it.  The bored animal will many times find loose areas of the ground covering and begin to chew on it, ultimately pulling it away from the ground and creating situation where they can tear it up.  This means that the service must be securely staked down in a way that will not give the animal the impression it can be lifted.  If you are considering using artificial turf as the ground covering for your pet run, it will be staked in a way that will make it feel exactly like real grass to the animal.  It is also important that the edges of the artificial turf be finished and staked securely or the animal will target these areas.

One of the best ideas with regards to installing artificial turf as your pet run is to also request are rising crystals that will eliminate the smell of pet urine.  You must understand your pet is going to urinate on the artificial turf, and even though it does have a permeable backing that allow for the week to move through it, you are going to want to be able to hose it down in order to remove the pooling a fact that happens underneath the areas where the pet continually goes to the bathroom.  There are specialized crystals that can be installed into the surface of the artificial turf which will neutralize the smell of urine so that it does not have the overwhelming odor that happens many times in regions that are designed for the pet to spend significant amounts of time.  Ask us about our pet run installations using artificial turf.

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