Synthetic Grass Is A Great Surface For Children And Pets

Synthetic Grass Is A Great Surface For Children And Pets

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Do you have an area in your yard that looks like you can use it for something we can figure out what that something might be?  Most times when home owners have areas of their outdoor space, they begin to think about how they can use the area to improve their lives.  Outdoor areas that are not specifically being used for eating areas or lounging might be turned into something like a putting green in order to practice golf, or even some other type of sporting event.  One of the most common ways to use in outdoor space is the installation of a soft ground covering for a play area for children or pets.  If it is used as a pet run, the installation of a simple fence on one and can usually suffice in securing animal in to an area where it cannot escape.  This provides the perfect area to play with your dog without having it be an inconvenience on the other areas.  You can even leave your dog run un attended in these types of areas without worry of the pet coming into harm’s way.  The same is true for your children if you build specific areas for them to play.

Many people do not know where to start with regards to building any kind of area like this.  Our best advice is to start with a ground covering because this will be very important to the comfort of the child or pet.  The ground covering must be soft and able to not create injury if someone falls, or if an animal is constantly crawling on it.  For this reason, artificial turf makes the perfect ground covering for these types of areas because you have the ability to not only have a lush area that looks good and also can give you the ability to put as much cushioning under the grass as you would like.  You can create an area as soft as if it had rubber underneath, because many times it actually does.  The under fill that is used in order to create a cushioning effect for most artificial turf installations is made from a compacted rubber material that will not be negatively impacted by pet urine or continual use.  This gives it the ability to age quite well at the same time as providing the cushioning that is completely necessary for children and pets alike.  Through a specific process that is used to install artificial turf, we find that it can be staked securely to the ground over the cushioning material so that it does not feel un natural while at the same time giving that bouncy surface that children enjoy.  There will be almost no maintenance necessary to these types of areas once the artificial turf has been installed, because it is not a growing grass, and instead is a plastic product that will never age and will never need water.

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