Synthetic Grass Is Drought Free

There is no doubt that you were effected by the drought this year.  If you lived in southern California, Arizona or Nevada you were probably under some form of watering restrictions that prohibited you from watering your lawn as much as it needed in order to look good.  In some cases you probably were helpless to stop your lawn from drying up and dying because there was just not enough water in reserve to guarantee that there would be enough for everyone to drink.  If you were anything like the rest of us, it stung a little to watch your expensive landscaping dry up right in front of your eyes. Now to make matters worse, you have to make some hard decisions about next year.  There is absolutely no way to predict if we are going to get enough rainfall this year to not have the exact same drought conditions when summer hits, so you have to decide if you are going to put money into rehabilitating the grass that you still have left, or do something else.  If you reseed it or replace it with new sod, there is no way to know if it will not just be killed off again by the drought next year.

Wise investing is looking at all of the information that you have at your disposal and making a decision with your money that reduces risk and still provides a return.  In this capacity, artificial turf can be viewed as a wise investment.  You are going to need to spend money in some way to make your landscaping look good again, and the possibility of all of that money being wasted is a very real one.  The installation of synthetic turf where your grass once was will solve the issue of making your lawn look lush and green again, and will protect you against the loss of landscaping plants if a drought continues because it is not a living plant.  The synthetic turf products that we use today are colored plastic that is extruded through plates to form blades of grass.  These blades are then attached to a backing that holds them in place, essentially making a carpet of grass.  This is rolled out across prepared surfaces and staked securely to the ground, creating a soft and lush looking surface that looks and feels exactly like real grass.  You never have to water it or mow it, and if it is professionally installed it will remain in place and perfect for many years to come. Synthetic turf will be unaffected by the drought because it needs no water at all, and while you watch as your neighbor’s lawns dry up this summer you can sit back and realize that you made a really good decision.

Winter is the perfect time to make the switch over to artificial turf.  The seasonality makes it so that our installers have more open spots to do your job, and it will be ready to go when the warmer weather gets here.  Contact us today for your free consultation and estimate.

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