Summer Is Just Around The Corner

In Orange County, we hardly see the extreme weather changes between winter and summer the way that they do on the east coast, or in other areas of the country.  Our weather remains relatively consistent, with only about a ten degree difference that happens between the seasons.  One thing that has been happening lately is that the weather is getting warmer across both the winter and summer months, meaning that it is getting proportionally hotter all year long.  This will cause many landscaping plants to be confused and start their transition into the summer state earlier, making them susceptible to issues as the heat levels go up in the summer.  Changes like this can stress plants out, and when they are already stressed and then are hit with additional things like a potential drought situation, it makes it so that grasses and plants that may have otherwise survived will simply die off.  If the plant is already in a weakened condition when watering restrictions hit, it can be the difference between a stressed out lawn and a dead one.

Nobody wants the watering restrictions that come with the drought summers in Orange County.  Not being able to water your lawn enough to keep it green results not only in your property looking terrible during the summer as your lawn dries out, but also in a decrease in property value as a result.  You will then be forced to spend money repairing your lawn during the winter, only to potentially have it all happen again the next summer.  Currently there is no signs that there will be any alleviation of the drought again this year, so we can expect our lawns to suffer as a result.  The money that you spend over the winter to repair your lawn is probably going to waste.

There is something that you can do to take matters into your own hands, and improve your property values during summer and winter.  That is to install artificial turf into your yard, and completely remove the plants that need water in order to look good.  This might seem like an extreme measure to take, but if you think about the constant repairing of your lawn every winter only to have it suffer again in the summer that has happened every year for the last 5 years, it only makes sense.  Artificial turf needs no water to look good, and looks and feels exactly like real grass as long as it is installed professionally.  There is no need to water it ow mow it, so it pays for itself in the savings you see in water usage and landscaping charges.  The best part is that no matter what restrictions in watering that happen, they will never effect you or your property.  Your values will never go down because of a brown and dead front lawn, and you home will always look great.  Summer is right around the corner, don’t you want to enjoy your yard instead of worrying about it?

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