Summer Heat Will Not Harm Artificial Turf

One of the more common questions that is asked regarding synthetic turf is if the summer heat and sun will arms it or cause it to fade. While this is a legitimate concern that should be asked by anyone who is making an investment that can cost them several thousand dollars, you can rest assured that your new synthetic grass will not fade over time and will not melt or change due to intense sunlight. In areas like Orange County, while it may become hot during heat waves like the one we are currently in, the intensity of the sun is not nearly enough to cause fading or damage to modern artificial turf products. As a matter of fact, they can withstand heat levels far greater than anything that we will see in southern California, oftentimes being used without issue in areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix where temperatures are regularly more than 20 degrees hotter. The modern synthetic turf products are engineered using plastics that are able to withstand heat levels of more than 212 degrees, so you can rest assured that the sunshine in the summeritme in our area will not be nearly enough to harm it.

Is it possible to melt synthetic turf? Yes it is, but it is nearly impossible under regular usage.  Of course if there was a fire nearby it could have the possibility of melting the turf, and there have been cases where “death rays” coming from windows on homes in the desert have also caused damage to specific spots, but these are rarely going to be the case. In the “death ray” example, sunlight in desert communities reflecting off windows can have a magnifying glass effect, concentrating the light into a hot pinpoint that falls into a yard. If you have an issue in your home with this being the case, it would not be possible for you to have ever grown grass in this area, or have been able to spend time in it yourself.  These concentrations of light will tend to happen with regularity at different times of the year, and can sometimes be dealt with by adding tinting to the windows themselves to prevent the reflections.  If you have these issues in your home, there is no type of ground covering aside from stone or pavers that would be able to withstand the heat, nor would you be able to walk on it if the concentrated light is hitting it. These cases are rare, but do provide the possibility of damage to your turf if they exist.  Essentially any light or heat source over 212 degrees can damage the plastic turf blades.

Artificial turf in a home in Orange County is not going to be able to be damaged and will not fade over time if it is used under typical circumstances.We are so confident with our products that we will offer to fix any damaged product that is a result of normal wear within a reasonable time frame.  Ask about our product guarantees during your appointment.

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