Southern California and Water Waste

Lets face it, we really love to waste water in Orange County. We love to have thick and green lawns that make our houses look neat and tidy, and we love to have that luxurious landscaping that makes the house look expensive. The reality of the situation is that the reason it looks expensive is because these types of plants are not natural to the area, and cost a lot to maintain. They literally could not grow here, and we need to continually provide a water supply to them in order for them to survive. This is fine, except when there is not enough water to go around. You might be able to afford to pay the water bills, but if it means that the water could be used for people or animals to drink we need to rethink our choices.

Every year watering restrictions are placed on residents in an attempt to conserve. We are forced to cut back on our water consumption through regulations, fines and the threat of complete shutoff. This makes us unhappily look out over our lawns as they turn brown and die, and makes us unhappy that we cannot legally provide the water it needs, even though we can afford the bills. This is not a money discussion, but an ethical one, and we must consider the well being of people and animals over plants. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should do it, and having grass in our area is a perfect example of this.

Installing artificial turf is a far better way to have the green grass look that you want for your home. Artificial turf is plastic, and because it is not alive it doe snot need water to remain green and lush looking. It provides exactly the same look and feel of your real grass, except it will never turn brown and doesn’t need the artificial water that is necessary otherwise. By making the switch over to artificial turf, we are not only helping the community but also helping to save time and money ourselves. You never have to mow it or pay someone to mow it again. You never have to restore it when the sprinklers do not work for a few days in a row. You never have to worry about it again. This is the true version of home improvement.

When you are ready to remove your real grass and replace it with a superior product like artificial turf, contact us and we can help you through the process. We can remove your existing grass and prepare the area for the installation, and we can even advise you on any rebates or incentive programs that might be available in your area. We serve the entire region around Anaheim and Irvine, and will gladly provide you with a free estimate of the job cost. Just remember that within only a few years it will pay for itself in savings, and the actual cost will be nothing!

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