Smart Anaheim Residents Are Installing Artificial Turf

It is common knowledge that the summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting colder.  Every year we hear that new records are being set for the “hottest summer on record” and that shows no signs of stopping any time soon.  This becomes really problematic when summers get hot in areas that have watering restrictions imposed like Anaheim and other areas of Orange County.  Residents of these areas are used to being able to see lush landscaping in their yards, with green lawns and plants that require lots of water in order to stay healthy.  Watering restrictions that make it so that you cannot water when the plants need it, and instead can only water at certain times and certain days of the week, will inevitably cause your plants and lawn to suffer and probably die when it gets hot.  Even though there have been slight loosening measures on water use over the past few months due to larger than expected rainfall amounts, there is no evidence that this will continue.  We should expect to be going back to the imposed restrictions in the summer, and as a result watching our investments in landscaping slowly die.

Smart Anaheim residents are switching over to desert landscaping elements and artificial grass in order to have the best of both worlds.  What this means is that even if you are not happy about doing your part to conserve water during a drought, the city is going to force you to do it.  If you are caught watering excessively, or during times that are outside of the scheduled days for your area, you can see heavy fines imposed and even potentially have your water service cut off all together.  In a nutshell, you are going to have to abide by the watering restrictions if they are re-imposed, and you are going to see your lawn dry out as a result.  So smart homeowners are taking advantage of this time before the heat arrives in order to begin the process of installing desert landscaping and artificial grass.  The fake grass products that are used today are far superior to the ones you remember from years ago that looked like a cheap carpet.  Today, the synthetic products used look and feel just like the lush lawn that you currently have outside, and the only noticeable differences are that you do not have to mow it or care for it in any way, and you don’t have to water it.  Your landscape can not only save money on maintenance costs and watering, but it can also help you to participate in the conservation effort.

Lets face it there is nothing that shows that Orange Country is not going to be in a drought situation this summer, and we can expect those watering restrictions to continue.  There is no reason to put more money into a landscape that is going to die as soon as it gets hot, when you can make a smarter decision and install water smart landscaping that never needs any water at all.  Contact our representatives to find out about your options for water smart landscapes.

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