Should I Install Artificial Turf?

Should I install artificial turf is a common question asked by people who have decided to redo their existing yard or to create a manicured and landscaped area within a space that has not yet been built out. Many people are concerned about the installation of synthetic grass due to a misconception that it will not look or feel natural, which could adversely effect their property values. Generally, this concern is due to a perception of artificial turf that was brought about by the older products that existed in the market during the 70s. Artificial turf was essentially made popular by the Astro’s baseball team, who played in the heat of Texas and created a domed stadium that could be climate controlled in order to give their fans a more pleasant experience at the games. The problem was that the lack of natural sunlight made it nearly impossible to grow the grass of the traditional outfield, so they installed a synthetic grass product in order to recreate the lok of an outdoor field. Players complained that the synthetic grass was not natural feeling, and was hard underneath. This was actually done both on purpose and due to a lack of evolved technology at the time,  and it stigmatized artificial grass as this un-natural looking addition to a home that was not considered luxurious. As the need for landscaping solutions in low water or low sunlight areas grew due to migration of people to areas that were once considered uninhabitable, the need for more natural artificial turf took hold. As the popularity of any product grows, so will it’s evolution into better products.

Artificial turf is now almost not able to be distinguished between natural grass and synthetic products. Years of experimentation with different plastic blends, underfills and colorings have brought us to the point that a professionally installed artificial turf yard is  now usually identified as looking “too perfect.” The only way that it is able to be noticed as synthetic is that it looks so good that it can’t be real, which is actually a pretty big compliment. Due to this product evolution, more and more people who previously would not have considered synthetic grass are now exploring the options. Fake grass removes the need for constant watering and sprinkler systems, and also removes the need for landscaping and mowing. It creates a living space that can be enjoyed without the work that usually goes with a nice yard. The other benefit is that it saves water.

Artificial turf is one of the ground coverings that is recommended by areas that are in need of water conservation due to drought conditions. Areas like Orange County are under severe drought conditions that have lasted multiple years, and as restrictions on watering have destroyed the investment that many home owners have made in their lawns, many are opting to take the smart route and not re-install when restrictions are lifted. Instead, they are looking at synthetic options that provide all the benefits without the need for water. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

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