Saving Money While Improving Your Home

Everyone wants to save money today.  When you ask people  if they would like to pay more for something or possibly pay less for something that is actually superior, they are almost always going to choose the better thing for less.  So why are people in Orange County still fighting with grass every year, when artificial turf looks better than natural grass and doesn’t come with any of the problems? Artificial turf actually costs less on a yearly basis than grass does as well, because you do not have to pay landscapers to mow it, and you never need to put an ounce of water onto it in order to keep it alive.  Simply put, artificial turf is better.

The ongoing drought in Southern California has made a lot of home owners realize this the hard way.  When the water gets scarce, the watering restrictions follow.  If you do not have the ability to legally water your lawn enough to keep it looking good, then as soon as the hot summer weather hits it begins to die.  Unfortunately you are going to be forced to have a terrible looking lawn and then you are going to have to spend money to repair it once the hot weather is over.  You will spend money reseeding and resodding, only to possibly have the exact same thing happen again a few months later.  That doesn’t seem like a very good idea, and unless you enjoy paying more for something that is inferior you have probably started looking into other options that will not need ater in order to look good.  Xeriscaping and desert landscaping both look great, but don’t provide you with that nice and cushioned surface that grass does.  This is why artificial turf is so perfect of a choice today, because it will not only look exactly like regular grass but it will actually look better than it.  The artificial and synthetic grass products have become so perfect of a copy that most people cannot tell the difference until everyone else’s lawns are dying and yours is still looking perfectly green!  The artificial turf installations today are also soft and cushioned due to underfill materials that are used in order to provide drainage as well as surface stability.  When professionally installed, artificial turf will not only look just like real grass but it will feel like it too.

Spring and summer are a perfect time to remove that old turf and replace it with synthetic grass.  Why risk another drought summer wrecking your investment and providing you with a terrible looking lawn when you have such better options to choose from.  When you are ready to make the switch, call us and we will provide you with a free estimate on the removal of your sod and the replacement with synthetic turf.  We will also let you know about any programs and benefits that might help to defer the costs associated with the installation.   We are the best artificial turf installation company in Southern California, isn’t it time you made the switch?

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