Save Water With Desert Landscaping

Are you interested in the environment and being a good citizen within your community? Are you interested in saving water so as to assure your neighbors that they will have access to clean drinking water in the future? Are you interested in saving money? Then you should install water smart landscaping today.  “Water smart landscaping” is a loose term used to describe the types of landscaping elements that do not need large amounts of water to survive and thrive.  It is used to describe both synthetic and artificial elements like artificial turf and concrete, and also plants that need little to no water in order to survive.  Have you ever wondered how cacti and other plants survive in the desert without irrigation systems going to them? It is because they have adapted in a way that needs so little water that they can survive without it for lengthy periods of time.  These types of plants are the ones that are used in “desert landscaping” types of landscapes, also sometimes called “xeriscaping.” What it basically means is that these types of plants are used and arranged in a way that brings out the beauty of the desert within a space, as opposed to attempting to create an environment that cannot exist in that climate.  Much of landscaping in the modern age involves the installation of artificial irrigation systems in order to bring enough water to plants that are not natural.  The more unnatural these plants are to the environment, the more water they are going to need in order to survive.  The more care and maintenance they are going to need as well.

Modern homeowners are looking for a carefree lifestyle, and are not taken with the idea of spending extended periods of time mowing their lawns and caring for their trees.  Instead, they are leaning towards a more modern approach of creating an equally dramatic landscape using elements that are more natural, and do not need artificial systems to keep them alive.  In many cases this will involve completely synthetic ground coverings like artificial turf.  This ground covering actually looks and feels almost exactly like real grass, only it is a plastic product that is adhered to a backing and staked to the ground to look like grass.  It creates a completely soft and luxurious space for families and pets to gather, while never needing mowing or care.  Equally pleasing effects can be created using pavers and crushed rock, or even cement.  The point is that people today do not want to be a slave to their landscaping as they were in the past, and they do not want to pay the bills of landscaping services or to the water company to keep their lawns looking good.  They would rather enjoy their spaces instead of working on them.

If you are interested in learning more about water smart landscaping and how to create a maintenance free living space, contact us today.  Our estimates and consultations are always free, and we can create you the space of your dreams tomorrow.

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