Poor Artificial Turf Installations Can Lead To Lawsuits

Poor artificial turf installations can potentially be much nightmares for homeowners.  This is why it is so important choose your artificial turf installation company wisely.  Do research in order to find out if the company as good reviews are not.  Ask for references and make sure I have been in business for a while.  The reasoning behind this is that not all installation companies are equal, and by hiring an artificial turf installation company who is not very good at their job you can potentially expose yourself to a lawsuit.  This comes as a result of artificial turf not wearing evenly and creating portions that slip underneath foot traffic.  A slip and fall in your yard can result in injury, but ultimately is your responsibility as a homeowner.  This is why when creating a ground surface it is going to be used by both adults and children as well as animals as one of the main regions in the yard, you can expect there to be wear and tear that can potentially lead to tripping.  Cheap artificial turf tends to wear out unevenly, which means that one region that is under heavy foot traffic or exposed to more inclement weather becomes looser at the backing material and surrounding areas.  This creates an extreme trip and fall hazard because the person who was walking on it does not expect that the area to suddenly be able to move under their feet.  While this is primarily a result of the cheap artificial turf being installed, it can also be the fault of the installation company if they do not provided enough staking to keep every area of the artificial turf tight and secured to the ground.  Cheaper companies will attempt to do the job faster by providing less staking, which may seem fine in the initial few years of use that will ultimately begin to stretch over time.  If there are not enough stakes provided in the region, the stretched backing material will begin to slide, which makes it very easy to trip and fall.

When choosing your artificial turf installation company, do your research and ask questions as far as what kind of turf options you have.  The highest quality artificial turf has a far more robust backing material then the substandard versions, and while they are more expensive to purchase it is well worth it because they each better over time.  More expensive turf products will also have less tendency to lose the blades of grass that have been adhered to it.  You may have seen better artificial turf installations in homes where the heavy traffic areas begin to lose the grass and the backing material begins to show through.  This will be far less of an issue if a more quality turf product is utilized for the installation itself.  You also get less cooling of water or pet urine, as well as in longer life span of the artificial grass before it needs to be replaced.  For information on high quality artificial turf installation, contact us today.

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