Pavers Can Save Water

The drought in southern California is not news to anyone, and even people from other parts of the country have been feeling the ramifications of water shortages as they have seen less produce and fruit available in their local stores due to our farmers not being able to produce as much volume of healthy plants.  While this is certainly an issue for those who derive a living from producing food that needs water in order to grow, residents must realize that it is only through conservation measures that we all abide by that we will be able to ensure enough water in the future.  Many residents have seen the investments in their landscaping begin to dry and and die over the past summers due to the fact that watering restrictions do not allow them to water every day, and many of these residents have been tempted to break the law in order to keep their plants healthy.  Unfortunately, breaking the law can lead to some stiff penalties and fines, including the shutoff of your water entirely if you are a repeat offender.  It is a difficult pill to swallow, but we all must do our part not only to obey the law, but also to keep the conservation effort on track.  This year, it looks like we may have a slight loosening of the rules regarding watering due to rainfall that was greater than expected, but there is no guarantee that we will not fall right back into the severe drought come the hot weather.  Smart homeowners and business owners are taking steps now, instead of waiting for their lawn to potentially die.

One of the best steps you can take to conserve, as well as creating a maintenance free and water smart landscape, is to install desert landscaping and pavers into your yard.  In many cases, desert landscaping comes as a shock to those who are used to seeing a lush landscape filled with green plants, however we must realize that this is not natural to our environment and cannot be sustained in times of water shortages.  By contacting an experienced desert landscaping company like ours, we can install a beautiful xeriscape that uses little to no water and still looks great.  The way we do it is through the use of things like walls, pavers, lighting, rocks and in some cases plants that do not need much water.  If you absolutely must have that green look to your yard, we can even work with synthetic turf in order to achieve that look.  Artificial grass is far better than it used to be, and we will even guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the installation for the next ten years!

Contact Coastal Greenscapes today to find out more about the options at your disposal for saving water and still having a landscape that your neighbors will be jealous of.  We are the leading choice on Southern California cities like Anaheim and all over Orange County for desert landscaping and xeriscaping options.


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