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Coastal Greenscapes is a full service landscaper serving the Orange County area.  We can provide all of the typical services that any landscaper will, but we also believe that Orange County needs more sustainable solutions that will conserve water in these times of drought.  This is why we specialize in landscape design that uses elements that are less needy when it comes to water, yet are beautiful to look at.  The technique is called “desert landscaping” or “xeriscaping” and it consists of the use of elements like boulders and rocks, pavers, lighting and plants that need little to no irrigation.  Through combining these types of elements, we can create a landscape you will be proud of which will also eliminate your need for landscape maintenance on a monthly basis or watering in order to be kept alive.  You can do your part to conserve water while reducing your monthly water and landscaping bills.

How does desert landscaping reduce the necessity for landscape maintenance? Thats easy, desert landscaping doesn’t grow and need to be trimmed like a traditional landscape would.  If there are desert plants being used in your landscape, they will grow very slowly and not need the routine maintenance that trees, shrubs and grass need in order to stay tidy.  If we do not use any plants within your landscape, you very well might never need to call a landscaper again.  In addition to the ease of maintenance and saving on water bills, another thing to consider is that there are serious rebates and incentives offered by the government to encourage you to switch over to a landscape that conserves water.  When all is said and done, it is a win win situation.

“But what if I want that green look that I am used to?” The answer if you just cannot do without a green lawn is artificial turf.  We can install synthetic grass at your location that looks and feels just like regular grass, and that doesn’t have that “fake look” that artificial turf had in the past.  The products that we use today are not only far more realistic, but also are far superior at holding up to the elements than they used to be.  We are so confident that you will be pleased that we actually offer a ten year warranty on our synthetic grass products against breakdown, discoloring or other issues.  You will be satisfied with your new artificial grass, we are completely positive about that.

“But what if I have pets that go to the bathroom on it?  Doesn’t water and urine pool on the artificial turf?”  The answer is no, our products are made with tiny holes in the base that allow water to flow through the grass and disperse into the ground, just like real grass.  We put a weed barrier down before installation, along with a cushioning material that will make it feel more like lush and soft grass, and can even use a product that will reduce the smell of urine if your pets go to the bathroom on it regularly.

“Isn’t artificial grass really hot in the summer?” It is true that fake grass does get slightly hotter than real grass in the direct sunlight, but it is a rare occasion that you would want to be outside on your lawn on a day that is so hot that you would notice a difference.  Even then, all you have to do is apply a small mist of water from a hose to your artificial lawn and the temperature will drop to the same as real grass almost immediately.  We think that is a small price to pay to never have to mow your lawn again or water it, yet have it remain green and beautiful for a lifetime.  Contact us today to ask about artificial turf options for our home or business.

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