Why Orange County Needs More Artificial Turf

Orange County has always been known for it’s greenery and lush landscapes.  Let’s face it, the weather is perfect here and it is easy to create an oasis in your yard.  The only problem is that the oasis that most people try to create consists of plants that are not exactly natural for this environment, and even though the ample sunshine makes it easy to grow nearly any type of plant or flower, they still would not do very well here on their own due to a lack of enough rainfall.  This provides us with no problem most times, but can become an issue during times of drought.  Unfortunately, the past several years have been drought time.

The majority of communities in the southwestern United States have placed their citizens under some form of watering restriction, as most of the areas that are typically less seasonal than the rest of the US are experiencing water shortages.  There is not enough water in reserve to fill the needs of the citizens for drinking if left unrestricted, and communities must place priority on the people over the plants.  For that reason, Orange County has imposed restrictions on watering your lawn, which reduces the amount of water that you can provide to it below the level that will keep it green.  Yes, during these times of water conservation, our lawns are going to turn brown and potentially die.

This is why smart homeowners are taking advantage of programs that incentivize the removal of your living grass and replacing it with artificial turf.  Synthetic grass is a plastic product formed to look exactly like blades of natural grass.  They are adhered to a backing material which is then staked to the ground which has been prepared.  This “carpet of fake grass” is adhered to the ground on top of a layer of composite material which is spread and compacted in order to give a more natural feel to the ground under foot.  This in combination with the plastic blades of grass and a filler material which is spread and then raked into the grass in order to fluff it up will make the artificial turf look and feel almost exactly like the real thing.  The best part of all is that because it is plastic it does not need watering of any kind, nor does it need mowing or trimming.  This means that homeowners can still have that lush and green look that they desire even in times of drought, while saving money on water and maintenance at the same time.

Orange County is know for being lush and green, but it is probably even better known for the yards being manicured and perfect.  Artificial turf makes this easier than ever to make happen, as it never grows and will always remain perfect looking.  It will not discolor over time, and will not break down under use.  This means your children and pets can have a soft, safe area to play and relax while you enjoy it with them, instead of working on it.  Orange County needs more artificial turf.

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