Orange County Fake Grass

Orange County Fake Grass

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In Orange County we are blessed with the best weather in the United States.  We have to understand that we might be able to grow any plant that we want to as long as we give it some water, but that we also must be responsible with their decisions if this type of attitude causes us to make decisions that might negatively impact others.  The reason that Orange County has watering restrictions from time to time is due to drought situations that cause our water supply to dwindle.  During the times when there’s not enough water to go around and some people may have no access clean water as a result, we must understand that the water that we’re putting on to plants can be used for the purposes of drinking water.  If the plants that we’re talking about actually produce fruit or food that can be consumed by the population, then we’re talking about a different type of plant than simple landscaping choices.  Most people are not landscaping their yards with plants that produce food for the community, and instead are planting things that only look good.  For example, your grass lawn does absolutely nothing to benefit the community accept making your house look better.  For this reason, we must realize that if the water that you are spending to keep your lawn looking green could be used to keep animals and people alive, we must prioritize the animals and people.  We should not get angry when watering restrictions cause of us to have to watch our lawns die, because that water is then being allocated towards those that need it as opposed to watering a lawn is purely decorative.  If that water which is being wasted on the grass lawn causes people to have to go without water that could save their life, then sometimes the government must step in so as to make sure that people are making decisions that do not harm other people.

Instead of looking at the next drought that causes your lawn to need to be replaced as a negative thing, take it as the time to improve things.  By removing your lawn and installing fake grass or some sort of water smart landscape, you not only have made an improvement that will keep your house looking great no matter what that type of rainfall situation is going on, but also you’ve made a decision will have a positive impact on the community as a whole.  You will constantly be conserving water that may or may not be necessary to conserve at the moment, but ultimately water follows a simple rule.  And a more water that we have access to the better, and if we have the ability to assure that we do not reach a dangerously low levels of water in reserve, then this is a positive thing.  Fake grass is a far better choice for landscaping in Orange County than real grass, not because the conservation is necessary at the moment but because the conservation is necessary overall.

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