Orange County And Artificial Grass

Orange County And Artificial Grass

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Life in Orange County is generally a good one.  We have ample sunshine that does not get into the super hot regions the way that desert communities do.  Our weather rarely gets below freezing to and will almost always maintain the range of the seventies for the majority of the year.  This is why we’re called Orange County in the first place, because we have the ability to grow oranges and other fruit here by only adding an artificial water source to the plant.  To the weather is perfect even if the water situation is not, which means that we’re able to potentially utilize this situation to benefit our culture and community from the production of fruit and other plant based food.  One of the potential drawbacks to the area is that there is not enough natural water for us to accomplish this goal, but utilizing their reserves of water in order to produce food is a necessary thing.  The issue gets worse when people begin to utilize this same situation to grow plants that are not for use in food, and are simply being planted for decoration purposes.  These plants are also using the critical resource of water in order to maintain their healthy status.  They used the water that is also necessary for people and animals to drink, without producing the fruit and food that other plants do.  When the situation becomes critical with regards to water shortages, we must begin to rethink our choices as far as where we are allocating the water and what purpose those plans have.  While nobody is saying that we should cut off the water supplier for the fruit bearing trees, it is simply are not up for debate if we are putting water on to plants that have and no purpose except the decoration, and doing it at the expense of people who might mean that water to drink.  We must choose people over nonessential plants, no matter how much it hurts to watch our landscape in turn brown and die during the hot summer if we have watering restrictions imposed.  During drought situations, these hard choices must be made in order to preserve the health and well-being of the members of our community.

Instead of thinking about the times when watering restrictions cause our plants to die as a negative thing, it is far better for us to use these types of times to make better decisions.  When of these decisions can be rethinking our grass lawn and replacing it with artificial or synthetic grass.  This plastic product does not need water in order to maintain its look and feel, basically making it a superior product to a grass lawn during the times when water must be conserved.  By replacing our grass lawns it with artificial turf, we are able to not only upgrade our landscape in a way that will not look poor during the water restriction, but it will also conserve water for those that need it.

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