Low Voltage Landscape Lightning

Low Voltage Landscape Lightning

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The differences in a house that has landscape lighting and one that doesn’t is dramatic. While there are differences in that pathways can be lit to be safer and other aspects of a home can be accentuated, the real difference is in the drama that can be achieved by lighting elements that will cast deep shadows. Landscape lighting is low-voltage, which means that there is not a lot of electricity running through the lines in order to illuminate the lighting fixtures. The amount of electricity is so low that you can essentially touch an exposed wire with your bare hands without being shocked enough to harm you, so it is safe to bury in the ground without additional shielding the way that high voltage wires are. A low-voltage run will not be able to power as many light fixtures as a higher voltage one will, and as a result you can only put a certain amount of fixtures on a line before the bulbs at the end will be dimmer than the ones placed at the beginning. This is why it is important for a landscape architect to plan out your landscape lighting, as to avoid the common mishap of overloading the runs and creating an unprofessional look. Another issue is that the electricity itself that is running through the lines diminishes with distances, meaning that you cannot run a line more than a certain distance from the power source without it losing enough power to no longer be able to illuminate the lamps enough to make it uniform. For this reason, the runs of lines must be carefully planned out in advance in order to keep the uniform lamp lighting from the first on the line to the last.


Why use low voltage landscape lighting? Many studies have shown that the process of creating a dramatic look to your home after dark, when all the other houses surrounding it are simply being presented in black and white, can significantly improve the perceived value of the home. Quite simply, the house looks better and therefor is worth more to potential buyers. By separating the home from the surrounding homes as far as an appealing look, you can increase the value that a potential buyer feels the home is worth. This ultimately means houses with low voltage landscape lighting installed will sell for more money than those without. This gives you the option of installing the low voltage lighting for a fraction of the price that will be added to the home. Simply put, it makes a lot of sense to upgrade your home in this way both before you sell it and also if you are simply thinking of allocating a little money towards home improvement. Few investments go as far as landscape lighting in the way that it returns on the investment made. You can end up with a place that is more beautiful, more secure and simply worth more.

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