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LED Lighting To Enhance Your Landscape

So you have taken the steps to creating a more beautiful and livable space in your backyard, and are in the process of creating a yard that you enjoy spending time in.  This is going to entail several different aspects that you will want to consider, so as to provide enjoyment during both day and night.  In Orange County, it can get hot during the day even though we have nearly perfect weather almost year round, so you will probably want to consider seating areas that are potentially covered, or maybe even have the ability to be shaded by umbrellas.  You are going to want to create areas specifically for different purposes within the yard space, for example if you have a grilling or cooking area you are going to want to put a seating and eating area nearby.  If you have a fire pit, you are going to want to make sure that there is an ability to both walk and sit around it comfortably.  If you have plants, you are going to want to make sure that as they mature they do not overtake your planned gathering or walking spaces, so plant them far enough back from these areas for them to be able to double in size.  All of these things are important to consider when you are planning out your yard, and making sure that you think about them in advance is the only way to assure that you do not have to redo work by moving things later.

Once you have your yard planned out with seating areas and walkways, as well as where plants are going to be placed and where groundcovering is going to be, you are going to want to think about your LED lighting.  Lighting being installed along walkways as well as accents for focal areas of the yard can make all the difference when the sun goes down.  When many people are thinking about their yard, they are thinking about what it will look like during the day.  At night, the space is going to feel smaller and more intimate due to not being able to clearly see the entire expanse, and this is going to be where you are going to want to strategically place lighting so that it is just as usable at night as it is during the day time.  You can also create dramatic uplighting on areas of your home, trees and plants and any other feature that you would like to stand out at night.  These dramatic effects are the difference between what many people perceive as a well planned landscape and one that is simply placing things in different areas.  The landscape lighting may or may not have to have power run to it, so it is always best to plan the space then install the lighting before making other decisions about what is going to go on top of the wiring.  Nobody wants to redo their areas because lights are not present in areas that have started getting use, so think about LED landscape lighting in advance.

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