LED Landscaping Lighting

Landscaping in Orange County is one of the most important home improvement projects that you can undertake, as it literally represents almost the entirety of what visitors see when they approach your house.  In addition to front yard landscaping, the back yard is where you will be spending the majority of you outdoor time at your home, this amount typically increasing proportionally with the quality of the amenities of the backyard.  People who have a grill or a pool in their backyard tend to spend more time there just because there is more to do, but even the creation of a more pleasant space through the use of landscaping elements will draw you to use the backyard more.  Because of the near perfect weather in Orange County, we find that if people are given the opportunity to do so, they prefer to do things outside.

The integration of LED landscape lighting can make all of the difference in the world with regards to creating a beautiful and elegant space in both your front and rear yard.  While the landscaping and landscape elements will stand on their own during the day when the sun is shining, the addition of ambiance lighting to highlight certain areas of your yard at night can be the difference between a regular old yard and one that really pops.  Once the sun goes down, we rely on existing false light to see any of the beautiful elements that have been installed, and through the uplighting of the highlight areas of the yard or the lining of pathways and walkways with unobtrusive light an elegance is created that is hard to top.  In addition, uplighting certain areas and points of interest on the home itself can create a look that adds a huge amount of property value.  Uplighting and accent lightning literally makes a house look “rich.”

When you begin meeting with out landscape designers to plan out the elements of your new front of backyard, there are really no rules or boundaries that you have during the process.  If you want a firepit with an integrated waterfall, we can make that happen.  If you want to cover your backyard with no maintenance artificial turf then create a gathering area around a point of interest, we can do that for you.  If you want to create pathways and winding walkways that move through the yard and around plants, that is within reason.  The one thing to remember is that after dark nobody is going to be able to see all of this beauty very well so it is important to figure the lighting into the design.  What looks one way in the light can be made to look different in the dark by the positioning of the light beams, so we are going to want to work with you to create the space that is beautiful both during the day and at night.  We are one of the leading suppliers of LED landscape lighting in Orange County, so make sure you call us first.

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