LED Landscape Lighting Installation

All types of products go through changes and improvements over the years.  What was cutting edge and incredible in the past will inevitably be improved upon, making it more reliable, more efficient and better.  This is the case with landscape lighting as well, and LED lights have all but replaced halogen lighting completely in most landscape uses.  The improvements made to low voltage lighting systems is primarily based in the bulb, and LED systems using far less electricity than halogen light bulbs means that a typical bulb can last up to 17 years with normal wear, and also allows for far more units to be installed on a run of line.  LED lights use up to 80% less electricity than halogen bulbs, meaning that they save you money and qualify as a “green product.”  Naturally, most homeowners in Orange County are interested in creating the most pleasant and beautiful spaces for their homes, and the fact that LED lighting actually saves money while performing better and needing less maintenance is just a bonus.

LED landscape lighting installation is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home in California.  The lifestyle in our area centers on staying outdoors as long as possible, and the beautiful weather means that people use their yards for far more time out of the year than in other areas of the country.  For this reason, the utilization of landscape lighting to bring attention to paths, to be used as an accent on trees and landscape focal points, and to simply illuminate specific areas within the yard are so important.  When looking for a new home, it is quite common to hear people mentioning that it was actually the yard that made them decide to buy one home over another.  People see the backyard as an extension of the house, and want to use it in a way that allows for a natural flow from the inside to the outside.  This is how subtle landscape lighting can be used appropriately, allowing for a natural feeling transition between the back of your home and your backyard.

Coastal Greenscapes is one of the most highly recommended LED landscape lighting installers in southern California.  We take great pride in our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee, basically meaning that if you are not happy with the workmanship of the installation, we will correct it to make sure you love it.  We know that the best form of advertising is satisfied and happy customers, which is why we treat every job like it was our own home.  We work with you to make good choices as far as the highest quality products, and the correct placements and integration of LED lights into your yard for the most effectiveness.  So many people do not realize the importance of the lighting in landscape design, so we work hard to be the best at it.

If you are interested in a free estimate for the installation of outdoor patio and backyard lighting, contact us today.

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