Landscaping Without Water

If you live in a desert community or one that has been experiencing drought conditions, you are undoubtedly aware of the damage that a lack of adequate irrigation and watering can have on your landscaping. In hot conditions, even a few days without enough water can cause your plants to wilt and even die. This is an issue in southern California, where it may not appear that we are living in a desert climate, but we actually are. There have been instances of multi-year droughts over the past 40 years that have routinely killed off all landscaping plants, leaving the area looking far more natural in it’s brown state. Few landscaping plants can survive without the water supply that we provide to them through automatic sprinkler systems, and during times when you are not allowed to use those systems we typically see large losses of expensive plants. While this is necessary for the common good, it is a bitter pill to swallow for many residents. People do not like to be forced to sit back and watch their investment die without having any power to stop it legally. They could simply water it enough to keep it alive, but this is not a legal solution to the problem. Accepting that you cannot water your lawn and plants and allowing it to wither away in the sun seems to be the only solution.

There is a silver lining to these situations. If your landscaping has withered away and died, you will need to either spend money to replace the plants net year, or possibly allocate that money toward a better solution. A better way to use those funds would be to invest in landscaping that does not use water, and ultimately will not be effected by drought conditions. There are several types of landscaping that can accomplish this goal, and each one will satisfy different wants from the home owner. If you simply want a landscaped space that will look good, think about desert landscaping where desert plants are used in combination with rocks and crushed stone. Xeriscaping will actually use a combination of elements and does not require water at all. If you absolutely must keep that look and feel of green grass, you might want to invest into artificial turf and fake grass solutions. These are extruded plastic blades of grass that are adhered to a permeable backing material. It is essentially a carpet made of plastic grass, but the technology of the process has come so far that it looks identical to real grass at this point in time. While it does tend to get slightly warmer than real grass in the summer, it essentially feels the same as well as long as a filler material is installed under it. This filler will provide the sponginess that real grass has, as well as providing a cushion for children and pets who will be playing on it. Now is the time to invest into smarter landscaping solutions, and we are the company to help.


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