Landscaping In Orange County

Orange County is known for it’s perfect weather, and as a result it’s lush landscaping.  Many homeowners have chosen to create a sort of tropical paradise in their yards, bringing in many different types of plants that are not necessarily indigenous to the area.  While the sunshine and warm weather is ideal for these plants to grow, the fact of the matter is that they would not naturally grow here because of a lack of water.  For this reason, they rely on artificial irrigation systems to survive, and unfortunately this is becoming an issue lately.  Southern California is in the midst of a severe drought, and the watering of plants and lawns is now regulated so as to conserve water for human drinking.  This regulation is putting stress on the water loving plants, and in some cases is killing them completely.  As a result of this, many residents are exploring landscaping options that will not be so reliant upon water in order to look good.

Coastal Greenscapes specializes in landscaping that is water smart, or even landscaping that needs no water at all.  Commonly referred to as “desert landscaping” or “xeriscaping” this form of landscaping involves the use of elements that are natural to desert environments, as well as different types of landscaping elements like walls, pavers, BBQs, pathways and even a charming bench or lounger so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your newly landscaped garden.  By eliminating the plants that need a constant supply of water and replacing them with elements that do not need it, you maintain the ability to keep your yard looking great no matter if there is a drought or not.

There are always the people who cannot imagine landscaping without the grass, and unfortunately your living grass is one of the most water loving plants you have.  A single square foot of grass needs upwards of 55 gallons of water each year just to survive, and in times of drought you are not going to be able to legally supply that much to it.  For these people the alternative is artificial turf, which is essentially a plastic product designed to look and feel exactly like living grass.  This product is rolled out across a prepared surface and staked securely to the ground, giving the appearance of a perfectly landscaped area yet one that needs tot only no water, but no upkeep either.  While others are paying landscapers to come in once a month and mow the lawn, you can save your money and spend it on ways to enjoy your artificial lawn instead.

Landscaping in Orange County is changing, and the days of slaving over your lawn to keep it looking tip top are gone.  People today value their time more than spending it caring for a patch of grass, and as such they are moving over to the modern forms of landscaping in large numbers.  Artificial turf and desert landscaping is becoming the norm in southern California as well as in many other states, and we are leading the way.  Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your yard today.

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