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Landscaping Is Hard, Don’t Do It

If there is one thing that nobody looks forward to in the hot summer months it is yardwork.  The thought of taking your weekend and mowing the lawn is difficult to handle, and the thought of paying someone to do it for you might be better, but still isn’t making you feel good.  For the price of that landscaping you could go out to dinner, buy a new outfit, or put it in the bank.  Yes, the lawn will look better after it is done, but getting it done is certainly not the first thing that you want to do.  This is why the installation of a low maintenance lawn is such a good idea.

When people think of low maintenance, ideas of rock ground coverings or concrete come to mind.  While these certainly do fit the bill of providing a living space that is not going to need to be trimmed and mowed every month, they also look very unwelcoming and inhospitable.  This is why artificial turf has become so popular, because it simulates the look and feel of real grass and yet doesn’t need any of the care and maintenance that real grass does.  People who have taken the step of installing artificial grass spend more time enjoying it, and less time fussing over it.  Even better, they spend less money on landscaping!

Artificial turf installation involves removing all of the living grass and plants from a specific area, so as to make sure that no roots or plants eventually compromise the install.  The area is smoothed and prepared by shaping the round in the way that is desired, then a layer of composite material is spread out and compacted in order to provide a cushion.  A weed barrier is installed to prevent plants and weeds from growing under the artificial turf, and the entire area is then smoothed.  The artificial turf itself is a plastic product that consists of plastic beads that are melted and extruded through holes in a metal plate, making it look like lush cut grass.  The blades of synthetic grass are adhered to a backing which is then punched with pinholes to allow for water to flow through, preventing the pooling that artificial turf had in the past.  The rolls of turf are staked to the ground securely using a pattern that will ensure they remain tight and taut, then they are secured together so as to leave no seams.  The final edges are staked securely and finished at the curbing, and then raked out with a fluffing sand to make sure the blades are standing up correctly and not showing any patterning.  The installation is then watered down with a hose and allowed to dry naturally.

There will be no maintenance necessary on your new artificial lawn, nor will you need to water it in order to care for it.  The lawn will not discolor or fade over time, and will provide you with years of enjoyment while your neighbors are out mowing their lawns.  Contact us today.

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