Landscape Lighting Installation In Anaheim

Southern California and Anaheim in particular is one of the most “outdoor friendly” communities in the country.  Lets face it, the weather is pretty much perfect here.  The fact that you can spend both days and nights outside for nearly every day of the year is relatively unique to our area, and even within southern California Anaheim is especially ideal.  Because of the outdoor lifestyle, it is quite common for residents to put as much time and effort, as well as attention, into their yards as they do inside their homes.  People want to beautify the space that they spend time in, and when that space tends to be your yard due to the fact that it is beautiful outside, then you are looking for ways to make that area both more functional and beautiful.  The first ideas that come to mind are always landscaping ideas and tools like grills and fire pits.  The tone of your backyard is created through the landscaping elements like ground coverings and plants.  Many people will opt for desert landscaping and others will try to create an oasis type of environment with plants and grass (either artificial or real.)  Some will go as far as to have speakers installed so as to have an area where music can be played in the background of an open space.  Seating areas will draw people to specific parts of the yard, and creating focal points will also highlight specific areas that you want to draw attention to.

One element that is commonly overlooked or even underappreciated in the entire landscape design process is lighting.  Landscape lighting is actually one of the most important elements, yet it is often misused and takes on a harsh or cheap look.  The installation of subtle lighting that will illuminate pathways and highlight areas, as well as uplighting on trees and structures will create a classy look that will not only beautify the space, but also increase functionality due to the fact that people can now see where they are supposed to go in the darkness.  The landscape lighting that can be used in this process can come in many different forms, and needs to be correctly integrated into the design and tone of the space if it is to look understated.  It should be noticed as part of the entire landscape, but not noticed as standing out on its own.

Coastal Greenscapes is one of the most sought after and respected landscape lighting installation companies in Anaheim, and we have been working hard for years to not only create beautiful backyards but also happy customers.  We know that the yard itself is the best form of advertising, and when someone sees a really beautifully designed yard using lighting in a way that brings out the best areas, they are going to recommend us.  This is why we treat every job like it was our own home, and keep in mind that sometimes the lighting makes or breaks the entire design.  If you’re interested in a free estimate on landscape lighting, contact us today.

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