Landscape Lighting As An Investment

Landscape Lighting As An Investment

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Many people who invest money into their homes are looking for an improvement that will also pay for itself if they were to sell. While there are plenty of investments that are for the pure joy and enjoyment of the home owner, most significant investments into home improvement take into consideration the amount of value that improvement will bring at resale time. If you were to put a new kitchen into your home and the total cost of that improvement was 25k, will you be able to charge 25k more for the house at sale time because of that new kitchen? If you remodel the bathrooms and put new fixtures into the sinks, will the costs that you have undertaken bring back their same amount when you sell the house, if not more? If you were to put an addition onto your home, will the significant amount of money that it will cost to do that project be recouped when the house is sold? Investors want the answers to these questions before they start allocating funds to improvements, and will almost always choose the project that will return more than the investment when the house is sold. Few types of home improvements will bring the same bang for your buck that the installation of low voltage landscape lighting will. This is because at night when all houses look the same, you can make yours stand out from the crowd through the installation of plights that accentuate the dramatic and beautiful elements of your yard. You can also install landscape lighting along pathways, ultimately making them far more safe to travel than ones without lighting. This will create the drama that home buyers are looking for, giving them the impression that your home is worth more than the others in the neighborhood. The actual amounts that your house can be sold for are going to depend completely on the house, but creating a lasting impression that makes your house stand out as better than all the others in an area is the goal. Few methods of improving a home have the same impact that landscape lighting does.


In order for landscape lighting to be installed, a trench is dug along the pathways that the electricity must follow. Lights will be installed by connecting them to this power source, either providing lighting that goes up or down. This gives the landscape architect the ability to create and call out dramatic elements by casting light onto them, or even draw attention to the home itself by uplighting the corners and beautiful elements. This ability to create both safety and dramatic aspects at the same time will usually cost many thousands of dollars, but landscape lighting is surprisingly affordable for this purpose. Once you have converted your yar over to dramatic and beautiful landscape lighting, it will be difficult for the potential buyers to view it as the same as the others they are considering.

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