How Do You Keep Artificial Turf Clean?

The main reason people swap out their traditional grass lawn for artificial turf is the lack of maintenance to keep it looking nice. Unlike natural lawn, you don’t need to fertilize, mow, edge, trim, or water your artificial turf. Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?


While you will be able to sit back and actually enjoy your yard more with artificial turf, we do want to point out that there is some slight upkeep recommended. This light upkeep and maintenance is recommended to keep your turf looking just as good as the day you had it installed.


Periodic Maintenance


Once a week, you might need to lightly rinse down your artificial turf. This helps to remove any dust and debris that has accumulated within the fibers. However, during rainy season you may not need to do this at all, as the rain will wash this away for you.


Once a month, use a flexible lawn rake or a broom with stiff bristles to remove dust, dirt, and leaves. Doing this also helps to maintain the upright position of your blades of artificial grass. Periodically grooming with a brush will also help keep the fibers for matting.


Pet Waste


Artificial turf is very pet friendly, however you will need to know how to remove pet waste. Remove droppings the same way you would remove solid pet waste from your home. Toilet paper, bags, or pet waste rakes (pooper scoopers) are all pretty standard ways of removing this waste.


Next you’ll want to hose down the area where the pet waste was found. This step, is essentially the way you would clean up pet urine. To keep your artificial turf smelling clean, keep a bottle of turf deodorizer handy and apply regularly.


Spills and Gum


One of the benefits of artificial turf is that it is stain resistant. So feel free to break out the punch and red wine. Spills can simply be hosed down.

If a piece of gum lands in your turf, you should be able to pick it out with your hand fairly easily. However, if it is being difficult, you can use the same strategy you would use on carpet. Chill the gum with an ice cube. Doing this makes it easier to remove. Never use harsh chemicals or tools that can cut or tear your turf to clean up spills.


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