It’s A Desert Out There? In Orange County?

Orange county is lush and green. Any type of plant can grow here, and we prove that every year with the number of oranges and other types of fruit that we grow and export. People grow all kinds of exotic plants in their yards and gardens, due to the fact that there are not extreme highs and lows of temperature that would kill off these types of plants in other areas. The reason that you don’t see these kinds of plants growing outside of this type of environment on roadsides or in parks is because there is not enough natural rainfall or water to keep them alive, and the only way they can survive is through human intervention and sprinkler systems. Once these artificial water supplies are put in place, it creates the ability for nearly anything to grow and thrive here, but the problem is that this is not a natural environment and can be perceived as being one. People begin to believe that since it has always looked this way, that it must be natural, but this misconception can cause problems if there are changes to the way things need to be done. Saving water is a perfect example of this.

In Orange County, we view grass lawns as natural even though there is no way they could grow without the water we supply to them. Because water was abundant, we never thought twice about remaking our own environment to look this new way. As the population around Los Angeles grew and changed, the strain on the water supplies to make sure that there was enough drinking water for everyone became more of an issue, and we needed to begin thinking about the areas where water might be being wasted. Our landscaping is the biggest culprit, ultimately wasting up to 50 gallons of water every year per square foot of grass. This is in addition to all the other wastes of water on other types of decorative plants. This is not acceptable, but until a drought situation happens where the water supplies dwindle to dangerous levels does it really hit home. This has been the case for the past few years as we have seen enough drought to force the laws to be structured in a way that prevents you from wasting water, and we watched our lawns die off as a result.

So what is the solution to the drought issue, and how can we save water while also having our houses look good from the street? Easy, remove your grass and install artificial or synthetic grass in it’s place. This will eliminate the need for watering and will keep your lawn looking green and lush like you have grown used to. In addition to that benefit, you will be able to save money on the landscaping that you pay every month, which will eventually cover the cost of the installation completely. Saving money and saving water, sounds like a pretty good plan to us. Call us today to find out about synthetic grass.

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