Improving Your Home With Low Voltage Landscape Lightning

Improving Your Home With Low Voltage Landscape Lightning

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When you are creating budgets for home improvements, few things are going to return on your investment the way that installing low voltage landscape lighting will. There are formulas to help you make good decisions in this regard, where professional home sellers can give you an estimate of the amount of additional sale price you can figure in to an improved home, vs the amount of money it will cost to achieve that improvement. Most home improvement projects are going to cost tens of thousands of dollars and return slightly more than their cost if you were to sell your house. This translates to almost every type of investment into the improvement of your home will ultimately recoup your investment and make you a little extra. The issue is that most people do not have unlimited funds at their disposal to do a variety of projects, and instead will have a small budget that they can put towards projects previous to sale. This is why so many people are seeking which types of projects will return the most in additional sale money, allowing them to invest the least in exchange for the most return. Far and above all other types of projects, the installation of low voltage landscape lighting returns the most for the least investment. This is because it only costs a few thousand dollars to have professionally installed, but can return tens of thousands of dollars in additional sale price when the house finally sells. Why does this happen? Because it is the best way to create a dramatic look that will set the home apart from all competing homes, if you see the house after dark. Most potential buyers will look the home over in a variety of times of day before making a decision, and seeing the dramatic effects that low voltage lighting can crate is usually all that is necessary to create a feeling of elegance and class. This nearly always translates to higher offers.


So how is low voltage landscape lighting installed? A power box or boxes is mounted to the house and connected to the electrical supply. After that point, low voltage wire is layed out in a course that the lighting will follow, then connected to the boxes and buried. One the course has been run, the individual fixtures are connected to each run, making sure not to overload that particular run. This will assure that the last light that is attached is as bright as the first, and maintains the professional look throughout. Lights can be positioned in a way that accentuate the home itself, as well as natural fixtures like trees, stones and walls. The lights can also illuminate pathways in a method that will create safer walking surfaces. When all is said and done, the dramatic impact of a professional installation of landscape lighting adds so much elegance to the home, that buyers are perfectly willing to pay more for it than without.

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