Improve Your Home With Artificial Grass

California residents are proud of their homes.  We have some of the highest real estate prices in the country, and as such most people are going to take the time and effort to protect their investments by keeping them updated and looking good.  While there are many ways to keep your house up to date, one of the most important is landscaping.  In southern California people are used to seeing manicured lawns and palm trees, and keeping all of these plants tidy is important to keeping your home value up.  But have you ever considered an alternative to that lawn that is actually maintenance free and does not use any water?  We are talking about artificial turf.

Artificial turf is also known as fake grass or synthetic turf.  It is a product that is made by extruding green colored plastic through large plates that have pinholes in them.  The plastic is cut to resemble a blade of grass, and then it is affixed to a backing material.  This essentially forms a “carpet” of grass, adhered to a material that is water permeable so as to not create a pooling if it rains or if a pet urinates on it.  This product is installed into an area by professional landscape architects who clear the area of any existing plants, then prepare the ground by shaping it.  A weed barrier is installed so weeds do not grow under the installation, then a compacted filler material is put down for cushioning and water drainage.  The artificial grass is then staked to the ground securely using a specific process, and the edges are trimmed and installed against curbing or in another way to assure it does not pull back over time.  A professional installation will not wear out or age, and will need no care in order to keep the same look for years.

Artificial turf is a perfect way to improve the value of your home for anyone who is looking for ways to improve the look without adding to the maintenance that would typically need to be done.  Many people today just want to enjoy their home instead of working on it, so making smart choices that not only conserve water during this time of drought but also provide low maintenance enjoyment are a great way to go.  When a potential buyer sees that they can have a perfectly manicured lawn that will not mean they have to mow it every weekend, it is an automatic addition in value.

If you would like to explore your options for installation of artificial turf or desert landscaping options in your home, contact us today.  Our estimates are always free and without obligation, and we are going to also give you a guarantee that you will love your new artificial lawn for many years.  The future of homeownership in California is without the work that used to go into it, and buyers today are looking for that special place they can call their own without being a slave to it.

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