How To Improve Your Home With Landscape Lighting

How To Improve Your Home With Landscape Lighting

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Anyone who has seen a home that is lit at night using dramatic landscape lighting understands how this can impact your home value. Few improvements to your home are going to have the same element of drama combined with safety that landscape lighting will, especially considering that landscape lighting also will cost significantly less than most home improvement projects. This is because the majority of the cost associated with the installation of low voltage lighting is the fixtures themselves. They must be made of high quality brass or plastic to withstand the elements for many years to come. The continual exposure to the sun and rain in areas like southern California make it so that the installation of lesser quality fixtures is actually not a prudent move, they will need replacing more frequently and ultimately will cost you more over the long run than simply paying for the higher quality fixtures at the beginning. Other than the fixtures, the only costs associated with materials are the power boxes and the wire itself. These items route the power to areas of your yard where you would like fixtures installed so as to illuminate pathways or uplight certain areas where you would like to create the dramatic effects. The low voltage wires are planned out as far as their routes, then buried in the ground a safe distance down so as not to be disturbed by animals or children. Even if a child was to come into contact with a wire, the voltage is so low that it would not cause them harm. This creates the issue that if too many fixtures are installed sequentially or too far from the power source, they will not carry the same brightness as those before them. For these reasons, low voltage landscape lighting must be planned out so as not to overload the electrical current that is present, and allow for all the lights installed to continue to shine as brightly as the first in line.

Landscape lighting adds safety to your home by illuminating the pathways that pose a trip and fall risk at night. Sometimes, these improvements will create a situation where insurance premiums are lowered as a result. Other types of fixtures can be installed to uplight rocks, trees, fences and the house itself. This allows the landscape designer to draw attention to interesting architectural elements, creating shadows and brightly lit areas within them. These additions paint a new view of the home that is not available during the day as the sun shines. It creates an elegance and grace to your home that is generally associated with a better quality residence, or affluent neighborhood. Landscape lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your home, so when you are ready to make the improvements that will add to your real estate values while also creating a more safe environment, give us a call for a free quote.

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