How Low Voltage Lighting Can Improve Your Home Value

How Low Voltage Lighting Can Improve Your Home Value

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One of the main considerations with regards to allocating money toward home improvement projects is how much value they are going to return on your investment. If you allocate 25k for a new kitchen, will that add 25K to the sale price of the house if you were to sell it? If you guy a new washer and dryer that stay with a house when you sell, will those appliances bring back their cost in a higher sale price, or are you just wasting your money? When you put an addition into a home, or paint the exterior, will the time and effort that is necessary to accomplish that goal bring back more than the investment that was made? All these questions are being asked every day by people who are thinking of fixing up their house, and most are trying to figure out where why can invest money that will bring back the biggest returns. To answer the question of general feelings on the part of a buyer that they are getting a great value for their money, few improvements return the way that landscape lighting does.


Low voltage landscape lighting is a form of home improvement that adds both safety and dramatic beauty to the exterior of a home. After dark, when a landscape becomes a palate of blacks and greys, those that install low voltage landscape lighting and uplighting can create a method of differentiating their home from all the others on the block. After the sun goes down, it has the ability to create dramatic lighting on the edges of the home itself, as well as uplighting trees, rocks, bushes and areas of interest. This allows for a standout effect when compared to all the other homes around it, making it appear far more luxurious and cared for than all the surrounding homes. When it comes to creating a feeling of connection between buyers and a specific home, this is the way to do it. Studies have found that the improvement of the landscape in this way can add thousands of dollars to a sales price, while only costing a fraction of that amount to install. For this reason, low voltage landscape lighting can be considered one of the most effective methods of improving the value of your home in southern California.


Low voltage landscape lighting is installed by digging a trench around the areas of a yard that will ultimately allow for single lights to be installed along it. The wire is buried, and is safe for children and animals if they were to come into contact with it due to the fact that it carries very low levels of electricity. For this reason, the landscape must be carefully planned so the lights all illuminate the same levels, even when they are further from the power source. Keeping the installation professional is the key to adding value to a home when it is desired.

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