How Artificial Turf Is Made

Artificial turf is one of the most popular surfacing materials that is used to create a soft and robust surface that imitates grass.  It is generally preferred in areas that have difficulty growing grass or in areas where the maintenance of living grass would be less than desirable.  It is also one of the primary field covering to agents that is used in sports stadiums as well as the playgrounds.  Artificial turf has been being made since the early sixties, originally being produced by Chemstrand Company which later changed their name to Monsanto.  The manufacturing process itself is very similar to the processes that are used by the carpet industry to create carpets.  The early artificial turf was quite a crude by today’s standards, and only minimally resembled actual grass.  Because of the new techniques as well as chemical compounds that are resistant to ultraviolet rays, we find that the new forms of artificial turf have become far more wear-resistant and less abrasive than in the past, ultimately becoming very similar to natural grass.  The materials that are utilized in the process will set the price of that grass product because they are available in different price points.  Naturally, cheaper products will have a shorter lifespan been more expensive products, and will also be less realistic.  The majority of the cost is going to be found in the backing material which ultimately holds the strands of grass in place.  The highest quality artificial turf uses polyester tire cord as the backing, but different companies will use different materials ranging from plastic to polyester.  The fibers are usually made of nylon or polypropylene, and they are manufactured in different ways.  The majority of companies will utilize a system that produces thin sheets that are cut to sheet in strips, or potentially having the plastic extruded through molds which will produce the grass shape that is desired.  Cushioning is made from Robert compounds, and sometimes recycled rubber tires are utilized as the base.  The blades of grass are soon to the backing material and appends so that there is a strong fabric as the final product.  The installation process will usually involve speaking as well as adhesives that bond all of the components together, and is far better left to the professionals then to attempt to do it on your own.

Artificial turf is one of the best methods of covering your ground in a clean and robust way in an area lacks natural water and rainfall like Southern California.  While we have enough sunlight to grow to nearly any plant effectively, the watering systems that keep these plants alive are critical in order to maintain that green and lush look that we have become accustomed to.  Take away that watering system as a result of drought or any other reason, and use of the have the need for artificial turf or some other form of water smart ground cover.  If you like to know more information about artificial turf installation or manufacture contact us directly.

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